My mission is to use learning science, educational psychology, and best practices to support the design of products and services focused on democratizing access to opportunity through education. Learning science has taken great leaps in the last decade, but unfortunately the way we design curriculum has not kept up. I want to close that gap. I am especially interested in how a strong outcomes-based curriculum architecture partners with data collection and analysis to empower learners, teachers, and designers by facilitating targeted feedback.

I can help you...

  • Develop new learning systems and products
  • Create a research base
  • Validate assumptions with focus and advisory groups
  • Create models and prototypes
  • Create curriculum maps and lesson plans
  • Align curriculum and assessment to standards
  • Develop an outcomes hierarchy and architecture
  • Create standards for “smart” content to support adaptive learning and modular reuse
  • Provide training and education related to instructional design and technology integration
  • Create curriculum and lesson materials (for both online and in-person delivery)
  • Create assessments and evaluations
  • Produce and deploy courses in LMS
  • Produce educational media
  • Manage media assets


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